Bridge to Bridge

 Waimakariri River

Bridge to Bridge - Mountain Bike Ride

Sunday 6th December 2020

The original Bridge to Bridge is a mountain bike ride from The Waimakariri Gorge Bridge to State Highway One Bridge, on the South Bank of the river.  

There are now 4 mountain bike rides held that day, the traditional 58km ride from the Gorge, a 30km ride from The Willows a 12km Recreational Ride from Haul Road and in 2018 an Enduro of 115km going up the North Bank of the River and back down the South Bank all finishing at Whites Crossing. 

The 12km, 30km and 58km races start at 9:00am, with Race Briefing 8:45am.

The Enduro will start at 7:00am, with Race Briefing at 6:50am

Mountain Bike Rides

  • 12km Recreational Mountain Bike Ride
  • 30km Mountain Bike Ride
  • 58km Mountain Bike Ride
  • 115km Enduro Mountain Bike Ride

This caters for everyone, young old, middle aged, athlete, weekend warrior or first time rider.  E-Bikes can even participate - non-competitvely.

Heaps of fun and spot prizes as well as age group category prizes.

Category prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded along with spot prizes. To receive these prizes you have to be at prize giving to receive both spot and category prizes.